Sunday, December 30, 2012

She paid for democracy’s organ failure with her life

A life ends, protests take place, statements made, vigils conducted, blame-game starts, and with all these a path is paved to forget everything and move on with our so called ‘normal’ life.
When she died, according to doctors, the death occurred due to multiple-organ failure. But, the real reason behind her death was the multiple-organ failure of the four pillars of Democracy.
Had the four pillars — Legislature, Administration, Judiciary and Press — been working properly and in the interest of the people of the nation, the day like today would have never arrived.
In the case of Delhi gang-rape everyone behaved like they suddenly woke up from a deep unconsciousness, and treated the incident like it happened out of blue.
No, the incident is a result of the non-competency and inadequacy of our four agencies. The demand of death penalty for the rapists is justifiable keeping the point in mind that after seeing the punishment another person should not dare attempt something like that. However, this point works when our judicial system is strong enough to deliver judgments and announce the conviction.
The lower rate of conviction is the first organ failure of our system. Long-pending cases of rape and sexual assault don’t deliver any justice to the victim; instead they add agony to their lives.
Granting bail in rape cases humiliates the victim as another assault on her dignity starts in the closer circles once the accused comes out on bail.
In this case, the failure of police was the biggest organ failure as the starting of the fateful incident would have not taken place had the Delhi police and judiciary had not been limping.
The bus, in which ‘Amanat’ was raped for more than 40 minutes by those six monsters, was running on Delhi roads without a proper permit. Who is to be blamed?
According to joint commissioner of police (traffic), Satyendra Garg, the bus was challaned eight times and impounded six times in the last two years. However, the owner Dinesh Yadav always managed to the vehicle back after paying a mere fine. Last time, Yadav had paid only Rs 2,200 to get the vehicle back.
If we had a law of not returning the vehicle once it is impounded, the 23-year-old girl would have been writing her exams today. Who is to be blamed?
In the whole run up when the decision of shifting ‘Amanat’ to Singapore was taken, the fourth pillar — the Press — never asked a single question to the health minister as to why the country is not medically equipped enough to keep her condition stable.
The press has also been adopted ‘Flash & Forget’ strategy. No news is bigger than TRPs. Who is to be blamed?
I will not say anything about the Legislature because I feel ashamed about writing anything about them.
But in the last I will ask one thing that where were the leaders like Rahul Gandhi (the youth icon), Narendra Modi (who has been calculating price of girlfriends), Sonia Gandhi (who played cards of women sentiments) and Kapil Sibal when the angry protesters wanted their questions to be answered?
Where was the most reliable person of the Congress party, the President, when his son was making derogatory remarks against the women protesters?
Where were the Shiv Sainik, who wanted cases against girls for posting Facebook status against their supremo, when crime against ‘Bharat Mata’ was taking place?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Move on From Veen's Nude Cover Page, See What's Inside

Every one is talking about Veena Malik's picture on the cover page of FHM India, but did anyone think that what might be inside (of course of the magazine because Veena has exposed all).
Here is are some parts of the inside content. More will be coming soon, stay hooked to the page ;).

Inside the magazine a part of the cover story talks about burqas and Veena not being “a modern day savior” for Pakistani women’s freedom.

“Unlike her compatriots, she doesn’t build herself up as a modern day savior and she doesn’t look to inspire the Pakistani women to suddenly en masse drop their burqas – she is just trying to make a living,” FHM editor Kabeer Sharma wrote in the article.

My version: Veena wants them (Pakistani women) to drop the cloths slowly as she is doing since 2001 and now she has nothing to hide (freedom of s-expression).

Stay hooked to this page as much more about the Weapon of Mass Destruction (As FHM cover page terms her) is coming here.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Demo-crack-stick of democratic hockey

With only a few days left in the inauguration ceremony of the twelfth hockey world cup, Indian Olympic Association chief Suresh Kalmadi offered national team's official sponsor Shara's chief Subroto Rai Sahara to become Hockey India's president. Again, after facing all the issues from national players and sports ministry the care takers of the Indian hockey don't think about the welfare of the game.
At one front the man, who saved the national game from seeing the worst day by paying all the players their due, once again comes forward and rejects Kalmadi's offer very politely and says that he is already too busy and would not be able to do justice to the post.
At another front, IOC, the ultimate care taker of the game applies its right and forget policy.
IOA in January had written to the sports ministry that during the Hockey India's election the returning officer should in no way be connected with Hockey India or IOA. But in the same month IOA appoints G S Mander, president of Wrestling Federation of India which comes under the association.
Actually IOA or its chief I should say has never been interested in the welfare of national sports until and unless it is in his favour.
HI is not at all interested in holding the elections and making itself a democratic body because Kalmadi, who wants to head HI, failed to get a nomination from Maharashtra.
Former Indian captain and now Hockey Punjab secretary Pargat Singh had also alleged that Kalamadi's representative told Pargat that if he chooses Kalmadi as Hockey India chief Hockey Punjab will get the affiliation. Pargat then termed Kalmadi as a 'sports mafia'.
Pargat Singh is also ambitious of getting a big post in HI, but his remarks can not be overruled.
Sports Minister M S Gill had also raised questions on HI's electoral college and said that state units like Bombay, Madras and Bengal had been in existence for many decades and they should be included in the electoral role. Doubting the transparency in the electoral process the minister had also said that there should be openness in the entire process.
The world body of hockey, FIH, had repeatedly said that an elected HI should be in the place before the world cup, but Indians are the best to dribble any ball (off the court).
When Rajasthan High Court stayed the election over the issue of affiliations granted to the state units, HI did not try to get the stay vacated.
Instead of that HI went ahead and did what it ultimately wanted and deferred the elections for third time.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sadma of awards

A day before Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden has qualified for India's highest civilian honour, Padma awards. Though none of the newspapers carried the news properly, but they published that there is a climate change in the top terror leader's mind. And being a terrorist if you think about global warming that is a great step towards the well being of the world.
Padma awards are also meant to be for the people who contribute to make India proud and bring some good to the country.
The committee which decides the awards, consider only the positive work done by a person and ignores the negative part be it a CBI case or Wild Life Protection case.
While Safe Ali Khan who faced charges under Wildlife Protection Act for killing blackbuck in Rajasthan gets Padma Shri, Rekha after putting service of so many years in the industry comes in the same list. And 'an Idiot' who doesn't know what he is protesting against (Narmada campaign) but knows how to promote him self and boasts for his pesticide-drinking.
After putting the best efforts of their life Dr Venkatraman Ramakrishnan and Allah Rakkha Rahman win Nobel and Oscar for India and get Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan.
If Nobels and Oscars demand too much effort, friends in high places help. Sant Singh Chatwal, the US-based hotelier keeps US president Bill Clinton and US State Secretary Hillary Clinton's personal numbers in his cell phone (and some PMO officials in his pocket), has been nominated for the Bhushan. Not bad for a bankrupt man who is going to invest $ 1 billion and already invested $ 250 mn in India. Chatwal just faced some cases in India (in which a $ 9 mn fraud is also included) which according to the CBI (whose case closings have always been front page headlines) sources say no cases were pending against him in India.
Though every year the Padma awards have not been away from the controversies, this year the controversy has taken a new dimension where an NRI hotelier has been named without being named in original Padma list.
Vir Sanghavi and Pritish Nandi have asked the Home Ministry about the whole process of Sant getting the award and questioned the transparency of selection process through RTI.
What ever the reasons are there behind decorating people with tinted backgrounds, the Home Ministry's cultural committee needs a doctor who can treat it of favouritism. And who knows next year the same doctor will be given a Padma award like Manmohan Singh's doctor Ramakant Panda gets Padma Shri this year and Atal Bihari Vajpayee's doctor Chitranjan Ranawat got it in 2001.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

India and 2011 deadline

With the date of 2011 word cup coming near and nearer, the problems for BCCI are increasing rapidly. The most reliable and historical players of the BCCI's venue team are seem to be unfit just 13 months before the start of the biggest fight.

India's two most historical and oldest stadiums have recently disclosed their poor conditions during the one day series against Sri Lanka.

Eden Gardens, India's biggest and the oldest cricket stadium, had been showing it's dark side very often. The light towers of the stadium going powerless during the fourth one day between India and Sri Lanka was not the first time.

Earlier to that, in April last year an IPL-I match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Deccan Chargers was disrupted for more than thirty minutes when two of the four light towers went powerless.
In May this year during IPL-II the media centre of Eden Gardens plunged into darkness when KKR and Bangalore Royal Challengers were facing each other in the historical ground. The journalists sitting in the room were forced to stop their work for almost fifteen minutes and lost very crucial data due to the sudden power cut.
And once again the main reason of the fiasco was covered under the blame game between Cricket Association of Bengal and the power supplier CESC Ltd.

But now, sighting the big event coming, BCCI wants no more dark glitches on its favourite ground and now thinking of not organising any day-night match at Edens during IPL-III.

Worse of the Eden Gardens situation, the second oldest stadium in India, forced the ICC to decide its fate for the coming world cup.

Firoz Shah Kotla, had hit the headlines for its pitch when Shiv Sainik's dug up the strip. Soon Anil Kumble covered the stain with his ten-wicket world record. But this time it is unfortunate for the DDCA that Kumble is no more playing for Indian team and ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat has also got to know the buck-buck (money and talk) going on in the association. Lorgat is almost ready with ICC's decision over Delhi's fate.

The stadium went through a face-lift in 2005 with around Rs 1 billion spent to make it a model stadium.

With four matches of the 2011 cricket World Cup scheduled to be hosted here, the DDCA will have plenty of catching up to do before it is cleared to be a venue.

As these stadiums are scheduled to host eight matches (four each) of world cup, BCCI has got something to really worry about. This time with Indian team's great performance India might with the world title, but if these two stadiums don't perform up to the mark India will lose it's face.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

UPA's Options

After Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's illness and second bypass surgery, the UPA is now left with no prime ministerial candidate for upcoming General Elections. Depending on the health status of the PM Congress will have to decide atleast one name very shortly to project him/her (obviously him) for the top post.
Already UPA is suffering from deficit of star leaders and after this surgery UPA's election preparations have gone for postmortem until the new name comes up.
Since Congress chief Sonia Gandhi seems not to be very happy with Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee, there is only one option left for UPA and that is Rahul. The name has been echoing in 10 Janpath and other Congress offices from last many months, especially after the Trust Vote.
Sonia Gandhi has distributed the PM's responsibilities to many other ministers. Though she gave very crucial roles and functions to Mukherjee but still Sonia's trust level on Mukerjee can be seen very clearly.
There is a long list of names in Congress and supporting parties, but no one will dare to go against Gandhi's like always. And after J&K polls Rahul has made is possition really strong in the UPA, the Rahul-Omar friendship, earlier which was outside, now can be seen within the UPA as National Congress chief Omar announces his party's merger with the UPA.
And the most important thing is being stronger than the opponents, and for that UPA's best man (no other than Rahul) has to be projected. Otherwise NDA has its strongest man, L K Advani, out on the front from a long time. If the worst poll result comes for nations biggest alliances (NDA and UPA) and both don't get the majority then Maya Behenji is geared up with her arsenal from very long time, and UNPA, with the support of Left front, is all set to get both NDA and UPA down.
So if PM Manmohan Singh doesn't come out 'fit-for-fight' form AIIMS, UPA has to get its best man on the job.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Do we really need Kirsten?

Can anyone imagine a team beating world champions without having a coach? "No, not at all" will be the answer from the every corner of Cricket world. But this impossible incident took place in Australia when Indian team beat the World champions in CB series and proved itself not even a good team but threatened other teams too by its performance.
What is new in this team? This is the biggest question bugging the minds of almost all the cricket analysts and critics. What is new — Ishant Sharma, Praveen Kumar, Rohit Sharma, Sachin's form, Bhajji's agrresion or the team effort which was increased to hight of the Mount Everest ?
Its not the first time when Indian team boarded the plane for any tour with 'Yuva mantra', in fact the term was used in World Cup-2007 also but the team failed miserably. This mantra has been used so many times but CB series is the first result out of it.
In World Cup - 2007 the young brigade with MS Dhoni, Dinesh Karhik, Munaf Patel, Irfan Pathan, Sreesanth, Yuvraj Singh and Robin Uthappa, was barred to enter the second round by Sri Lanka and newly arising Asian team of Bangladesh. And the team coached by Greg Chappel with vision- 2007, shattered the vision in fragments.
But in CB series even world champions found there self short to reach Indian performance and moral, and the main Mantra behind this success was — cooperation and unity between team management and team, some dedicated coaches (Prasad, Singh and Rajput) who want to make heroes unlike the previous coach, single sided BCCI and its support for its players (especially in Bhajji ban case).
There are three more heroes in the recent team who dont come down to the field in matches but out of the field they play there crucial, dedicated and honest roles. Venkatesh Prasad did a tremendous job with fast bowlers and turned them in exceptional from usual, similarly Robin Singh worked hard and harder on the low level catches mostly in slip area, to generate chances to win the matches.
Promoted with the responsibility of assistant coach Lalchand Rajput played his role brilliantly in the most tough and controversial tour of Indian team.
If there are national heroes like these three who are experts in making heroes with keeping national and sports-spirit high, what is the need of bringing in the person who had an opinion — "To spread cricket to all corners of India, we played in what could politely be classed as one-horse towns, places with more cows on the street than cars. A sense of humour is a necessity on this tour,".. "62 days in a country where westernized living conditions are regarded a luxury, is no task for the faint-hearted" — after finishing the Titan cup in 1996. This statement is not form any other man but the new coach of Indian team Gary Kirstan. If the person doesn't have respect for any country, he/she can not work for that country with heart and soul.
What braught Kirsten back to India is the money of BCCI and the fame of cricket in India, not welfare of Indian team. Unlike Kirsten, the trio has the respect and feeling for nation and national team which were the key contributor in the historic win over Ausies.
When everything is going fine and not even fine but great at that time what is the need of change, because changes are always done to bring out improvement. And this time what the team needs is the support of this trinity, not change.