Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Move on From Veen's Nude Cover Page, See What's Inside

Every one is talking about Veena Malik's picture on the cover page of FHM India, but did anyone think that what might be inside (of course of the magazine because Veena has exposed all).
Here is are some parts of the inside content. More will be coming soon, stay hooked to the page ;).

Inside the magazine a part of the cover story talks about burqas and Veena not being “a modern day savior” for Pakistani women’s freedom.

“Unlike her compatriots, she doesn’t build herself up as a modern day savior and she doesn’t look to inspire the Pakistani women to suddenly en masse drop their burqas – she is just trying to make a living,” FHM editor Kabeer Sharma wrote in the article.

My version: Veena wants them (Pakistani women) to drop the cloths slowly as she is doing since 2001 and now she has nothing to hide (freedom of s-expression).

Stay hooked to this page as much more about the Weapon of Mass Destruction (As FHM cover page terms her) is coming here.