Sunday, December 30, 2012

She paid for democracy’s organ failure with her life

A life ends, protests take place, statements made, vigils conducted, blame-game starts, and with all these a path is paved to forget everything and move on with our so called ‘normal’ life.
When she died, according to doctors, the death occurred due to multiple-organ failure. But, the real reason behind her death was the multiple-organ failure of the four pillars of Democracy.
Had the four pillars — Legislature, Administration, Judiciary and Press — been working properly and in the interest of the people of the nation, the day like today would have never arrived.
In the case of Delhi gang-rape everyone behaved like they suddenly woke up from a deep unconsciousness, and treated the incident like it happened out of blue.
No, the incident is a result of the non-competency and inadequacy of our four agencies. The demand of death penalty for the rapists is justifiable keeping the point in mind that after seeing the punishment another person should not dare attempt something like that. However, this point works when our judicial system is strong enough to deliver judgments and announce the conviction.
The lower rate of conviction is the first organ failure of our system. Long-pending cases of rape and sexual assault don’t deliver any justice to the victim; instead they add agony to their lives.
Granting bail in rape cases humiliates the victim as another assault on her dignity starts in the closer circles once the accused comes out on bail.
In this case, the failure of police was the biggest organ failure as the starting of the fateful incident would have not taken place had the Delhi police and judiciary had not been limping.
The bus, in which ‘Amanat’ was raped for more than 40 minutes by those six monsters, was running on Delhi roads without a proper permit. Who is to be blamed?
According to joint commissioner of police (traffic), Satyendra Garg, the bus was challaned eight times and impounded six times in the last two years. However, the owner Dinesh Yadav always managed to the vehicle back after paying a mere fine. Last time, Yadav had paid only Rs 2,200 to get the vehicle back.
If we had a law of not returning the vehicle once it is impounded, the 23-year-old girl would have been writing her exams today. Who is to be blamed?
In the whole run up when the decision of shifting ‘Amanat’ to Singapore was taken, the fourth pillar — the Press — never asked a single question to the health minister as to why the country is not medically equipped enough to keep her condition stable.
The press has also been adopted ‘Flash & Forget’ strategy. No news is bigger than TRPs. Who is to be blamed?
I will not say anything about the Legislature because I feel ashamed about writing anything about them.
But in the last I will ask one thing that where were the leaders like Rahul Gandhi (the youth icon), Narendra Modi (who has been calculating price of girlfriends), Sonia Gandhi (who played cards of women sentiments) and Kapil Sibal when the angry protesters wanted their questions to be answered?
Where was the most reliable person of the Congress party, the President, when his son was making derogatory remarks against the women protesters?
Where were the Shiv Sainik, who wanted cases against girls for posting Facebook status against their supremo, when crime against ‘Bharat Mata’ was taking place?